You may not use my photo's without my permission. You may not upload my creations without my permission. If you wish to use my photo's or my lots in something of your own that you want to upload, email me at and ask/show me and I'll get back with you ASAP. Thanks ;)


All of my Lots here on this site will ALWAYS be offered to you for free. If you would like to donate any amount of your choice, even a penny, it would be much appreciated. If not no hard feelings Im'ma still gonna make Lots for all ya'll! ~Big Hugs, Ames

Legacy Challenge?

Hey ya'll I am thinking of doing a legacy challenge with my sims 3 game, b/c well quite frankly I'm bored. If I do decide to do one would ya'll be interested in hearing about it? following the story? If so I thought about making a seperate blog just for the legacy family. Written from the point of view of the Founder and then the point of view from each heir when it comes to it. what do yall think? comment! give me your opinions! thanks guys ~big hugs

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