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My Sim Legacy: Lola Snow

**** Update****
Here's the link to the legacy!

Hey ya’ll
I have officially decided to start a separate blog for my sims 3 legacy I’m going to attempt. Smile
Here’s the link to the site I got my legacy details from:
The Random Legacy Challenge - Late Night Spin Off
I downloaded the “roll” app which is a great help btw Smile
This is what I rolled and what my legacy will be based off of.

The Single parent must raise all required children on his/her own. Your single parent Sim may marry or have a live in partner before the first child is born or adopted, but that spouse/partner must be moved out of the household within 24 hours after the first child is born or adopted. The single parent Sim must remain single until the youngest child has reached the mid point of the teen age stage (7 days for the unaltered normal lifespan; if you've tweaked the teen stage, it's whatever the halfway point is for your custom stage). After the youngest has reached the mid point of the teen stage, your single Sim may then move in or marry a partner, if you so desire. The partner can be anyone.
2 Children (max must have)
Primary income: standard career: Military
Generation Goal: Hobby or Obsession?
Hobby, or Obsession? - Pick a "Hobby" for your Sim, based on their traits, or on their character as you see them. The heir (and spouse where applicable) must spend at least 5 Sim hours a week pursuing their hobby. Your Sim must not make money from this hobby. If you use writing, then only use "Practise writing" and not "Write a book".
Misc fun: Hands off
Hands Off - You may not use the robotic hand of god function in awesomemod, or otherwise use your mouse to move things from one inventory to another, clean up laundry, dirty plates, etc. Let those sims clean up after themselves for a while. All items for careers must be sold in the Consignment Store (Ambitions), or to rabbitholes that will buy them (i.e. a gardener career Sim may sell produce to the grocery store).

So I am now off to create Lola’s Blog Smile I think What I’m going to do is write it from Lola’s POV and then when it’s time for the heir of the next generation to take over, write from their POV. Wish me luck! hugs ya’ll

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