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All of my Lots here on this site will ALWAYS be offered to you for free. If you would like to donate any amount of your choice, even a penny, it would be much appreciated. If not no hard feelings Im'ma still gonna make Lots for all ya'll! ~Big Hugs, Ames

1 Veronica Secret (Sim)

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Veronica Secret is my very first Sim upload! I enjoyed making her and playing her. 

Her traits are: 
green thumb
loves the outdoors
natural cook

Her life time wish is:
 the Perfect Garden

But ofcourse you can change them to your liking :) I believe all the CC that I used came from TSR except for the skin. Enjoy! and big hugs!!

CC Used:
Free- Skin

TSR Subcriber downloads:
Clothes 1
Clothes 2
Clothes 3
Clothes 4

Free Downloads:
Eye Brows

Im updated to the latest patch and run ambitions, latenight, generations, and pets. 

TSR Download

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