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28 Templeton's Square

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Furnished: Fully
Decorated: Throughout
Stories: 1
Lot Size: 64x64

book store bistro movies grocery Spa Welcome to Templeton's Square! I had just got done installing a small world and noticed that all the community buildings seemed to take up too much space. So I thought later I'll build 1 lot that has a bunch on it. Well my little girl wanted to watch Charlottes web. While me and the kids were watching it, I was thinking about a name and the rat on the movie, his name is Templeton :) So that's how I come up with this name :) LOL thanks Hayley! (my 3 yr old little girl) Ok so this lot has a book store, a spa, a bistro, a grocery store, a movie theater, and places to relax, hang out and have coffee. I hope you enjoy this lot. big hugs to all!

Im updated to the latest patch and run ambitions, latenight, generations, and pets.Playtested, worked well!There are a few CC items in this lot.

CC Used:

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