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3 Green House from Nuke Town Black Ops

Change to 720 or 1080 HD for better viewing quality :)

I made this house after the one from a game I love to Play on the PS3 called Call of Duty Black Ops. Theres an online player map called NukeTown. There is a yellow house and a green house. Well I decided to make the green one . It's not perfect but I think I did pretty well for trying to recreate it. I never noticed while playing on the PS3 that this home didn't have a bathroom or an actual fireplace. So I put the bathroom in the shed out back and removed the fireplace with the moveobjects on cheat. Yall are more than welcome to change the house to your liking for your own personal game play. Also a couple of the screen shots are a bit dark, but thats because some of the rooms only have one light in it. I tried to come close to everything when making this house. I did play test this house and everything seemed to work fine. Although I just made it to look like the one from NukeTown. I hope you enjoy this lil project of mine. And again, feel free to change anything for your gameplay, I just wanted to share it with yall :) big hugs!!

Price Unfurnished: 45846
Price Furnished: 65009
Furnished: Partly
Decorated: Throughout
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Stories: 2
Lot Size: 30x30

CC used:
Small Window
Garage Door

Lot Downloads:
TSR download

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